Benoit Canaud
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Currently working with Alaric Garnier and Lena Araguas.

I'm a graphic designer based in Paris with an interest in editorial design, typedesign, identities, exhibition design and motion graphics. Working in project's both in cultural and commercial fields. The focus is on editorial design and typography applied to the fields of printing and screens. My activity encompasses commissions as well as collaborative and more experimental projects.

I try to devise conceptual and sophisticated projects with an experimental use of typography and image structure. This produces compositions and layout generated by the content. Every choice has to be logical and legitimate by applying strict typographical rules.

Current field of interest is exploring the potential of the intersection between these two fields. The dynamic typography and the relationship between context of utilisation and technology. I wish to observe closely the formal and conceptual potential offered by the drawing of glyphs and scripting to provide a catalyst to combine them. These are questions that I would like to answer with my graduation project at Ésad Valence.

Currently available for freelance projects.
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Last works
Demain l'école d'art | Books Les presses du réel with Alaric Garnier
Espace Puissance Espace and Centon Digital | Exhibition Identity Montpellier Danse and C3M
Rencontres Photographique de Rabat | Catalog BNRM and Gallery Bab Rouah
At their feet | Book Berluti, Rizzoli with Mathieu Meyer
cyber Martin Parr, Greetings from Evian & Life’s a Beach | Book Magnum with Mathieu Meyer
Activity report | Parisian Youth Concil of Paris

Last internship with
  • Mathias Clottu Studio

  • John Morgan Studio

  • Alaric Garnier

  • Mathieu Meyer

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